IFTA FinTech Achievement Award

We are deeply honored to receive the IFTA FinTech Achievement Award 2020 – Gold Award!  Thanks to IFTA for planning this brilliant FinTech event, as well as the recognition from the professional jury team.  This greatest recognition tells we are on a right track that successful adopted RegTech into Accounts Receivable Management industry. 

In November 2020, HKMA announced a two-year RegTech promotion roadmap, it showed the importance of RegTech and our determination to become one of the global leaders.  As a FinTech & RegTech oriented company, we started deploying a Call Monitoring System in 2019, with an AI-based speech recognition engine, which accurately translates all dialogs (between our frontline staff and customers) into text for further analysis.  The next part of the system, very importantly, it performs auto audit, compliance alert and trend analysis.  With 100% automatic call monitoring, we ensured the highest compliance standard in the industry, giving the greatest confidence to our valued clients.

Our pace never stops. We keep pushing our best performance, to become a benchmark in the industry and one of the best RegTech practicer in Hong Kong!

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