Digital Services based on a Smart Online Platform

As a keen proponent of digital development, BIBO introduced an online platform in 2019. This interactive information platform enables corporate clients and debtors to transmit documents, make account inquiries and exchange messages, keeping them updated at all times on their latest account information.

Clients: Uninterrupted and Delay-free Operation

The online platform adopts a certified information security system to provide a safe channel for corporate clients to transmit case information and related updates. The process is fully automated, thus minimizing delays stemming from a lack of manpower. At the height of the pandemic in 2020, for example, companies highly reliant on manual processing are susceptible to interruption to daily work due to staff absence or temporary closure of office. The use of an online platform would help companies maintain an uninterrupted workflow even in times of emergencies.

Debtors: Freedom and Flexibility in Account Management

Accounts receivable companies customarily take the initiative to drive communication with debtors on settlement matters. Debtors, on the other hand, are usually caught in a more passive position. We hope to change this practice by bringing more transparency to the repayment process, while allowing debtors the flexibility to handle overdue arrangements at their convenience. With this in mind, we have designed an online repayment platform that operates around the clock. If debtors are unable to engage in phone conversations during our office hours from 7am to 11pm, they can log into our user-friendly online repayment platform to check balances and arrange for repayment, which also comes in handy with QR codes generated instantly for payment at nearby convenience stores.

Next: Fully Online

We are delighted to announce the launch a new service ‘Fast Result’, in hopes of helping corporates of all sizes handle accounts receivable duties. Clients can submit both their application and fees online at the ‘Fast Result’ page on BIBO’s website. Upon receipt of clients’ input of relevant information, we will evaluate and follow up on approved cases. This will offer clients a simpler and faster debt recovery alternative that also promises a hassle-free customer experience.

With a grasp of advanced technological trends, BIBO adopts FinTech extensively in the provision of accounts receivable solutions. Combined with our mediation prowess and emphasis on compliance, we are able to deliver a comprehensive scope of debt recovery services for our clients.

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