BIBO has always upheld caring for the community and promoting Social Corporate Responsibility as core values. In 2023, we have been recognized with multiple awards for our continuously outstanding social responsibility performance.

Social Corporate Responsibility Awards:

  • Hong Kong Council of Social Service – 15 Years+ Caring Company
  • The Mirror Magazine – 10 Years+ Corporate Social Responsibility Award
  • Christian Family Service Centre – 4 Years+ Corporate Partner Award

Employee-Friendly Policy Awards:

  • Promoting Happiness Index Foundation and Hong Kong Productivity Council – 8Years+ Happiness at Work Promotional Scheme – Happy Organization
  • Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority – 4 Years+ Good MPF Employer

Environmental Promotion Awards:

  • Environmental Campaign Committee and Environment and Ecology Bureau – HKGOC – Energywi$e Certificate and Wastewi$e Certificate
  • Environmental Campaign Committee and Environment and Ecology Bureau – Hong Kong Green Organization

BIBO is grateful for being recognized with active fulfillment of social responsibility and service to the community as well as environment protection. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to promoting social enterprise responsibility, contributing to the community and sustainable development!