BIBO has always been committed to promoting education development and talent cultivation in Hong Kong, and also actively participated in social welfare activities. Therefore, BIBO participated in the CHUK Convocation Fundraising Campaign 2023 and donated to support the “Co-operative Education Programme” (Co-op@CUHK), which is launched by the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The purpose of ” Co-op@CUHK ” is to provide internship opportunities as well as pre-employment preparatory subjects and training courses for university students. This programme helps students to be well-prepared for their career development after graduation and aims at cultivating future elites in Hong Kong. The internship opportunities provided by this programme cover various industries such as banking and finance, construction and real estate, logistics, healthcare, etc., providing students with diversified workplace training.

BIBO believes that this donation can contribute to the growth and development of university students, and bring more opportunities and challenges to their career development. Moreover, we wish to encourage more enterprises to support the cultivation and development of local university students, so as to foster the education industry and social progress in Hong Kong.