BIBO always strives to fulfill the cultivation of talents for FinTech Industry in Hong Kong. In early 2022, BIBO collaborated with Hong Kong Polytechnic University in COMP FinTech Internship Program and provided two intern vacancies for local university students.

Recently, both interns finally “graduated” from BIBO after 8 months of internship! During the internship, they participated in different business projects of our Information Technology Department and Computer Telephony Integration Department which including Programming, Development of New Automation Systems, Big Data Analysis and Processing etc. They have demonstrated good analytical and organizational skills, strong capabilities in problem-solving and decision-making as well as great proficiency in financial technology during the internship.

Graduation testimonials from two interns: “Thank you BIBO for giving us this opportunity. It allows us to understand more professional knowledge about financial technology and apply the knowledge, concepts and theories learned in the classroom to the practical business environment. These experiences are very valuable for us in preparation for our career in the FinTech Industry.” BIBO wishes all interns a successful future both in their studies and careers while pursuing their dreams! We also look forward to the future internship programs to discover more new talents and continuously inject innovative elements into the company and the FinTech Industry.