Intelligent Receivable Solutions
Intelligent Receivable Solutions

BIBO Introduction

Founded in 2000, BIBO is a leading Hong Kong-based accounts receivable management company serving the needs of a broad range of corporate clients in the banking, virtual banking, financial, securities brokerage, insurance, property agency, telecommunications, logistics and other arenas.

Seeing a need for change in the debt collection practice, BIBO’s founders, who have vast experience in financial services, established the company with a vision of building a new business model and culture for the industry. From the onset, BIBO emphasizes ethics, service quality and transparency, upholding strict compliance with relevant legislation and industry codes of conduct.

Company Introduction

Company History

Company History

Our Vision

Over the past two decades, BIBO has garnered various industry awards, obtained certifications, and earned the trust of customers of diverse types. Its business and management system has evolved in step with industry and technological changes. Combining its mediation strengths, the use of FinTech and an innovative mindset, BIBO is forging a new path through the offering of Intelligent Receivable Solutions.

BIBO’s business success is tied to its capability of anticipating and meeting new client needs, thereby exceeding client expectations. Building on its solid foundation, the company will continue to enhance its system, work process, service standards and professional skill sets with a view to staying in rhythm with client growth and societal progress.

As a member of the following professional associations, BIBO operates under their stringent Codes of Ethics:

  • The Hong Kong Credit & Collection Management Association (since 2000)
  • ACA International (since 2000), an international professional association to enhance the standards and practices of receivables management
  • Credit Services Association (since 2019), the only national trade association in the UK for companies active in the receivables management industry
  • Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia (Founding member since 2019)
  • Fintech Association of Hong Kong (since 2020)
  • International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc. (IACC) (since 2021)


Professional Team
Professional Team

Professional Team

Our team comprises ex-bankers, professional consultants, specialist advisers, data analysts and experienced mediators. To ensure a high standard for our ARM services, we have been recruiting university graduates to join our mediation team.

We have well-trained staff, guided by detailed processes and policies, to protect the interests of our clients and their customers. We forbid our staff to engage in unethical or intimidating practices.

We conduct stringent background checks on all new recruits, and on serving staff on an annual basis to ensure high staff integrity.

Client Engagement
Client Engagement



We devote resources and efforts to research and development, and the implementation of latest management practices to increase our operational efficiency and effectiveness.

To provide the best ARM services using the latest technology, we keep on investing heavily in hardware and software development. Our work is fully computerised and digitalised.

We are equipped with:

  • In-house Developed Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)
  • Business Intelligence integrated in ERP
  • Digital Phone System
  • Digital Voice Recorders
  • Document Management System (DMS)
  • Network Security System
  • Secured Email System
  • Secured Data Backup System
  • Predictive Dialing System
  • Web Portal
  • Big Data Analysis System
  • Android-based Fieldwork Mobile System

Technology Partners

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Contact Centre Solution

Big Data Analysis



We have a sharp focus on data security and protection. We have adopted a system of Information Security accredited by ISO 27001 in 2010.