FastResult Service

FastResult Service
FastResult Service

Managing B2B collections is often a time-consuming process that requires professional handling and a fair amount of resources. Leveraging our decades of accounts receivable management experience, BIBO has designed a new platform, FastResult, to help businesses kick-start collections with ease and efficiency.

FastResult is a user-friendly and well-structured tool to facilitate commercial collections. As a first step of credit recovery, businesses could choose from our professionally written demand letters that best suit their purpose, then customize them by filling in debtors’ information.

The letters will be formally presented to debtors in our letterhead as final demand notes. Demand notices from a third-party collection agent reflects the gravity of the matter, which call on debtors to seriously take action to address the overdue situations.

The entire process is done on our online FastResult platform. This click-and-go Demand Service is charged at a flat rate of HK$500, inclusive of a letter template and distribution with no extra cost.

Compared to legal services, FastResult does not incur additional consultation or legal fees. It is cost-effective and transparent to clients.

What’s more, should the debtor ignore the demand note, you may consider appointing us to initiate collection actions. You will enjoy a bundled 5% discount on our listed rates for follow-up services.

Submit your Application and make Payment online in one step, and start your collection process.


  • What is the main benefit of using the FastResult service?

It is a cost-effective tool, in particular for collecting small debts which do not justify costly and lengthy legal proceedings.

  • How would this benefit the process flow in our accounts receivable lifecycle?

Alleviate a tedious task from your internal operation.
Raise your debt recovery rate.
Improve customer retention by taking a less drastic approach.
Increase cash flow.


The first 100 customers are entitled to a free experience of the ‘FastResult’ service. Offer on first-come-first-served basis.

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