BIBO has always regarded talent cultivation as an important mission and has continued to invest in the training and development of young individuals. Therefore, for several consecutive years, BIBO has been providing internship opportunities related to financial technology for local university students. In 2023, we once again participated in the COMP Fintech Internship Program established by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

After six months, the internship program was successfully concluded, during which two university students participated as internship trainees actively engaged in various work projects and demonstrated outstanding performance. They established good collaborative relationships with other employees and showcased their enthusiasm and expertise in the field of financial technology.

Through the internship program, the two university students were able to apply their classroom knowledge and benefited greatly from the experience. They stated, “We encountered numerous challenges and gained insights into various business issues in the real world. We also learned technical skills and knowledge that are rarely taught in school. These are extremely valuable for our future careers and have greatly benefited us!” BIBO wishes every intern success and brilliance in their future careers. We will continue to devote efforts to provide valuable opportunities and platforms for local young individuals, and discovering and nurturing exceptional talents for the financial technology industry in Hong Kong.