In a year like no other, people all over the world are faced with unprecedented challenges, forcing us to cope by changing our mindset and behaviour. It was a year during which BIBO celebrated our 20th anniversary. On the occasion of our anniversary, we took major initiatives that are conducive to the development of our business. These included relocating to a new and bigger office, undergoing system upgrades, enhancing our industry standing, expanding our customer base, as well as refreshing our logo and adopting a new market positioning slogan – Intelligent Receivable Solutions.

2020 saw most business and industry sectors take major hit as Hong Kong’s economy slowed down amid social and economic uncertainties. Although these factors have presented only minimal impact to our business, we will continue to stay alert to actively guard against risks.

Crises bring opportunities. Through our special arrangements during the pandemic, we fostered closer ties with our clients and partners in helping them follow up on those cases not handled in time due to a lack of manpower. We take joy in our clients entrusting BIBO with helping them lower the risk of potential receivable loss. The unpredictable environment has made different industries and corporates more aware of the importance of accounts receivable services. Being caught in operational difficulties or precarious business capabilities, some industries had to reduce manpower, in effect adding to the demand for outsourced accounts receivable services. With an effective operation model and competitive edges, we are well-positioned to assist our clients to boost the efficiency of recovering receivables, hence bettering their cash flow.

2020 Achievements

During the year, our business developed by leaps and bounds. Our mission is to ‘act with integrity and innovatively strive for advancement in provision of premium service that leads to business growth and exceeds client expectations’. To boost efficiency and competitiveness, we are committed to utilising FinTech, particularly in the R&D of technologies such as AI, Big Data analysis and protection of data privacy. Thanks to customer support, we achieved various accolades such as the ‘Hong Kong Economic Journal Financial Services Awards of Excellence 2020’ and ‘Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia IFTA Fintech Achievement Award’, recognising our status within the industry and service standard.

Our work on sustainable development was not hindered by the pandemic. Notably, we launched a project to train and nurture the young by kicking off with the FinTech Internship Programme. This programme gives local youth the opportunity to understand our industry. I believe in time the younger generation will play an important role in transforming our service through their input of knowhow and creativity.

In our pursuit for excellence, with the aid of FinTech, we will continue to devote resources to lifting our service quality, compliance and operational efficiency.


To strengthen our professional and people-centred spirit, BIBO endeavours to create a happy and safe workplace for our staff. Our employees are provided with career development opportunities and their well-being is cared for. BIBO adapts to the rapidly changing macro environment and technologies by making corresponding adjustments to our business development and corporate culture. In helping our colleagues accommodate to the transition, we offer timely support to them, ensuring changes will not get in the way of their work. Our new office is more spacious, allowing our colleagues to enjoy a more comfortable and productive environment. It also facilitates collaboration between staff, backing teams to deliver better customer experience.

In the face of the challenges posed by the pandemic, we remain committed to our people-centric mission, putting staff safety and their abilities to cater to customer needs first. In line with the government’s infection control guidelines, wherever possible, we maintain social-distancing measures. No matter where we work from, we ensure that we keep contact and collaboration with clients and colleagues.

With the team

Because of the pandemic, we were unable to host the annual dinner. Nevertheless we came up with other ways to show appreciation to our colleagues for their dedication. We tailor-made some 20th anniversary items as gifts to our staff. While expressing our thanks to long-serving colleagues, we came up with special awards for other colleagues as another initiative to build up a strong sense of cohesion.

Looking forward, we will continue to uphold honest, innovative, diverse and high-quality operational and compliance standards, fulfilling our commitment to excellent service and sustainable development. Lastly, I wish you all a happy New Year and good health!

Ka Ming Lee